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Mhendo Play toys are sustainable, nature based, locally produced and craft solution to climate change action and resilience, and at the same time, that sparks imagination and fun, problem solving and social skills for children.

We make toys that connects children and the planet: Mhendo Play wants to create a choice for children and parents to have fun using eco-friendly toys. We want to aware children to learn about their environment and their role in reducing plastic wastes. And we hope to encourage parents to opt sustainable purchasing habits and understand how their actions impact the planet. 

Local solution to sustainability

Mhendo Play toys draws inspiration from Nepali folk arts and crafts. We collaborate with craft practitioners to explore possibilities for sustainable future together. For our first introductory products, we are working with Mithila artists to combine local artisans’ skills to modern toy design, in turn creating job opportunities and attempt to amplify indigenous arts and crafts in a wider spectrum. 

Mhendo Play toys are naturally biodegradable. The core materials are wood, which can easily integrate back to the nature after its life ends. We are also conscious of our toys production and packaging, that avoids use of plastic and toxic materials.Our products are durable. We are promoting the concept of passing down, reuse, refurbish and repair. Therefore, we expect our users to use the toys for a long time.  

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We can learn a lot about sustainability from our traditional practices and our culture. And as an admirer of traditional crafts, I am interested to use nature based materials for designing products.

Founder- Bhawana Tulachan

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